iPad Problems

UPDATE 7/31/13: For some reason I can see the updates now. I don’t know what changed but its working and I was able to update all the apps that needed updating.

For the last week I have not been able to update my apps on my iPad 2 cause the App Store update page just shows a blank page. I can download apps and buy apps and even browse the app store but I cant update apps. It will even show the badge on the icon showing how many apps need to be updated but I cant see them. I just wanted to go threw what I have done to try and fix this issue.

To start off I have had this issue before. I open up the app store to update apps and get this: Image

Normally if I force quit the app store and restart the iPad things go back to normal. When I did this when it showed up a week ago this fix did not work. The second thing that I tried the other was to backup my iPad and then do restore threw the iPad then I restored all my apps and settings threw iTunes. I went to the App Store after everything was done and it still wasn’t working.

Today I did basically the same thing but I did the restore threw iTunes so that it would be forced to download a fresh install of iOS 6.1.3. Once again after it was done restoring my backup I went to the App Store still nothing. Then I thought when if I update the apps threw iTunes so I updated all the apps that showed up in iTunes then synced my iPad. Well now it shows I have no updates on the icon badge. But if I go to the update tab it will not tell me there are no new updates like it normally should do if their are no updates.

At this point I have done everything I can think of to get to start working again I can think of except restoring it and setting it up as a new iPad. I don’t want to do that since I have 100 apps on my iPad and I don’t want to go back in to each one and resign in to every app and my e-mail all that stuff. I will if I have to I might call Apple before I do that they might be able to help or at the vary least put me in the right direction.


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