AT&T Sponsored Data Plans

A couple of days ago AT&T announced Sponsored Data plans. The idea being web sites and web services would be able to make a deal with AT&T so when a user goes to their site or use their service it will not be used against the users data usage. For example if Youtube makes a deal with AT&T then when you watch Youtube videos on your phone it wont count against your data cap.

When you first hear about this you might think this is a good idea but really this is a vary bad thing. This is a neutrality issue. Which I’ll just blanket over and just say that the idea is packet on the internet should be a packet and no packet should be treated special. 

So based off that this seems bad. Even the FCC thinks something isn’t right here and is putting this sponsored data plan on noticed. Whether or not something comes of this is just up in the air. I just hope that Verizon and Sprint don’t pick this up. I just don’t want to live in a world where I cant use Facebook cause I have Verizon and they have a exclusive deal with AT&T. That isn’t how it will work for now but if this type of data plan is allowed to exist then a day my come when you have to pick a carrier by what deals they have with the cloud services that you use.


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