Rumor Round Up

Tomorrow is WWDC and everything will change, well maybe not right then and there but we will find out more about the changes that will be coming. We defiantly know Apple will be talking about iOS 8 and OS 10.10. We might even see some other things as well. 

iOS 8: 

I guess I have to start this off with something we at least know they will be talking about tomorrow iOS 8. I would guess with this update they will have minor changes and tweaks to the mobile OS with a few major features to talk about. One of those features that have been rumored is a split screen feature so you can have two apps up at once. As seen here at macRumors.

One of the other well known rumors would be Health Book. This rumor seems to be like a Passbook type app that would be a one stop shop for all your health needs. They would have some type of hook for people who make things like fitbit to hook in to Health Book and tell you about all the information that it collects about you. It might even  be able to work with blood sugar meters and you would be able to keep track of your blood sugar readings if you are diabetic. The idea would be to have any medical device could have a way to connect to your phone and give you accesses to your own medical information. MacRumors has info about this rumor as well.

The last thing I want to talk about as far as iOS 8 rumors is this live tile feature. If you have used Windows 8 or Windows Phone you might know of live tiles. The idea is to be able to see information about an app with out having to open the app. How this might work on iOS is you maybe tap and hold on the Mail app and once it starts shacking and you might get another option to make the icon bigger maybe up to 4 icon sizes bigger. Once you do that it would not only show the little red dot to say how many e-mails you have but it would also cycle through previews of the new e-mails. Once again MacRumors has info about this.

OS 10.10:

OS X we know will be talked about tomorrow at WWDC this will be OS 10.10 right now we think might be called OSX Yosemite. The major change we think will be coming in this version of the OS is a flater design. Just like the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 we might be seeing design changes coming to OSX that will make it look similare to iOS 7 with its flatter design. I feel this will be a nice change. iMore has more about the rumor.


Normally WWDC is not a place were Apple announces new hardware. But there are rumors that they might talk about either a new iMac, iPhone 6 or iWatch. I really doubt that they will talk about any of these things. Hardware is normally discussed in the fall.

All of theses are rumors and you never know none of this could be announced tomorrow. They key note will be tomorrow at 10 AM PDT and you can watch it at Apples WWDC site.


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