Today kicked off the unofficial start of E3 Microsoft,EA, and bunch of others have media briefings today’s. Day 0 of E3 is normally a day of press events and hyping what is to come in the next couple of days at E3. Tomorrow we will hear more about what these company’s have shown off, but today is not with out any news. Microsoft started the day. 

As you might think the most notable thing from Microsoft was the announcement of Halo 5. They didn’t give much information about it other than a quick cinematic and little information about the plot. It seems the Chief is still morning the lost of Cortana and what his place is in the future and the past of the halo universe. It will be out sometime next year for Xbox one.

Now on the subject of Master Chiefs past they announced Halo: Master Chief Edition. This is a collection of all the current Halo games (1-4) and every multiplayer map ever released for Halo. They said they game Halo 2 content the anniversary treatment. It will have the updated graphics and music much like the Halo combat evolved. You will be able to switch between the original and the new if you choose. You will be able to pick this up this holiday season for $59.99.


The other game that caught my eye at the Xbox event was Fable Legends. They didn’t say too much about this one either but what they showed was interesting. You will be teamed up with 4 characters, they seem to emissive on the questing and less on a main story line which they didn’t talk about. They did say in this Fable game you can play as the villain and place mobs in the world to try and stop the heroes. They didn’t give a release date for Fable Legends but they did say you could sign up for the multiplayer beta which will come out this fall.

Now on to everyone’s favorite publisher EA. I will go ever it quick. My excitement is over the Sims 4 which comes out September 2nd 2014. They showed a little video about it which you can see here:


The other worthwhile game they talked about was Battlefield Hardline which went into closed beta today. For a limited time if you Pre order the game you will be able to play the beta on PC or PS4.


Sony has had there conference and they announced a lot of new stuff. Like Little Big Planet 3 which will be out this November, Uncharted 4 and a white PS4. They will be adding new free to play games to the PSN Store and even bring Youtube to the platform.

Nintendo will have there digital event tomorrow. Last year Nintendo had a mini E3 at Best Buys where you could play so,e of the games I person. If they do this again and the best buy near me is one that dose this I will be heading over to get a hands on. 


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