E3 Day 1: Nintendo Direct

Today is the official start of E3. Nintendo started the day off with a Nintendo direct video showing off the new games coming to there Wii U and 3DS systems. They showed off a lot of what they showed off last year like super smash brothers and Hyrule Warrior.

Nintendo showed off some other things as well like a new Pokemon game Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Splatoon and Mario maker. To me the most interesting thing was the Mario Maker which is a level editor for the original Support Mario Brothers where you can make any level you want and place mobs and tubes where you want them walls whatever your hart desires.

Splatoon is a Wii U game where you can switch between a human and a squid that can swim threw its own ink. It’s really weird game that I think the video dose it more justice than I can. What I will say is just like many other games Nintendo makes this is very much a kids game.

They also talked a little more about supper Smash Brothers. They are going to let you be part of the action by letting you use your Mii to battle and your Mii will be just as divers as any other character in the game. Mii’s will have 3 different types and their own move sets. They showed this off on the Wii U version and I hope that you can use Mii’s in the 3DS version as well.

While on the subject of Supper Smash Brothers they showed off a new object to use with your Wii U called amiibo. They are figures with a chip inside them that you can use as an advanced AI. They showed an example of how to use them in Smash Brothers where they had 2 character so fighting it out and the one of them placed a Mario amiibo on his controller and Mario showed up in the game and kicked but. In Smash Brothers amiibo can level up and have different move sets for other amiibos. They will be launching with the Wii U version of the game and they will be coming out with a 3DS adaptor so you can use them in the Hand held version. These toys will also work with other compatible games such as Mario Cart 8.

They announced a lot of other games but I thought these were the most interesting. Also the games I mention will be out this year but the Splatoon. All the other games where sometime next year. So if you have a Wii U you will have something to play soon.


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