Facebook Paper 1.2

Facebook pushed out a new update to its Paper app today version 1.2. I won’t lie I haven’t used this app in awhile. I liked it when it came out cause it looked and worked a lot better than the normal Facebook app. But over time I just slowly started going back to the normal Facebook app cause I could do more in it. My biggest problem when it came out was you couldn’t use your lists as sections in Paper. You still can’t do that in this version but I’m still taking a look at what you can do now.

One of the first things I noticed was a new section called trending which shows you all the things that are trending on Facebook. It’s nice to see that they are at least adding new sections to the app, but I would really like them to let you create your own sections or pull in your lists from Facebook. If you can’t tell I’m a very heavy user of lists.

Photo Jun 16, 3 42 36 PM

I always like to look at the settings of apps after a major update, and I noticed a switch that lets you make Paper your default Facebook app for notifications. So when you get a notification that someone has liked your status on Facebook it will open in Paper. This is a nice thing to turn on if you want to use Paper as your Facebook app but would like to keep the normal one for back up.

Photo Jun 16, 3 43 31 PM

I also noticed that when I pulled down the section I was in to show the main menu there was a hamburger icon so touched it to see a list of my Liked pages and groups I have joined. I didn’t see anyway to pin them to make it a section but it gives the pages a nice look to browse your liked pages and groups. It lets you easily move threw the years of the Page right to its founding.

Photo Jun 16, 3 43 56 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 09 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 16 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 22 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 27 PM

I’m going to try and use Paper as my Facebook app on my phone. They seem to have made enough changes to make it more useable. If you want to give Paper a try for yourself you can download it to your iPhone here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paper-stories-from-facebook/id794163692?mt=8 . It is a iPhone only app but it will work on iPad.  


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