Roku Remote for Windows 8.1

Here is something I don’t talk much about, an app for Windows 8.1. I checked out the Roku Remote app for Windows. I use my Roku everyday and Im on Windows at least twice a week so I thought I should check it out.

I should mention that this app is made for touch screen devices and if you don’t have one you will get a warning before downloading. But the computer I tried it on didn’t have a touch screen and it worked just fine with my mouse. If the app docent work for you then that could be why. 

The app is pretty simple. When you open it, it will search your network to find Roku boxes on your network. Once it has you will see all your channels on the screen.   You just have to select 

Screenshot (4)

an app and your Roku will go right to that channel. It will also pop out a remote that looks just like the one on the Android and iOS apps, to let you navigate the channel UI. 

Screenshot (6)

If you lose the remote screen just right click and click remote to get it back at anytime.

Screenshot (5)

The app seems a little lacking compared to the iOS and Android app. These apps allow you to browse the channel store and to add new channels to your box. The other thing is the mobile apps allow you to stream content from your device to your Roku. The Windows app dosent do this at all. I feel like this is a opportunity missed. But these are things they could add over time. 

For now it dose what the title says it is a Roku Remote and it does a good job. It will have a eternal spot on my start screen. You can get this in the Windows App Store.

Screenshot (8)


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