Opinion: Apple Watch

So as the pre-order date comes closer for the apple watch I feel like voicing an opinion about the Apple Watch. I guess for me the Apple Watch seems out of place in my world. When I want to know what time it is I just pull out my phone if its not all ready in my hand. If I want to see who sent me a text I just pull out my phone or ask Siri. Map directions just listen to the phone or have it mounted some place. I have no need to check my wrist to see this information.

The Apple Watch to me seems like a wast of time. Not that all warbles are a wast because I do have a Jawbone up which I have been using since January and I love it and the information it gives me about my day and night. The Jawbone has a purpose it tracks my steps and even my sleep. It dose a few other side things like reminders and alarms but thats about it. This warble docent try to be everything my iPhone can already do.

I feel like in the long run specific devices will be what people adopted not watches. When was the last time you saw someone check the time on there watch? Even the people Ive seen with watches still check there phone to see what time it is. For most people a watch is just jewelry. The last time I wore a watch was in middle school and that was because my teachers would cover the clock in the there classrooms so we might pay attention to them instead of looking at the clock every 5 minutes to see if it was launch time or time to go home.

So if I don’t like the Apple Watch then what warble type do I like? Well I got a answer! I want something like Google Glass. I think the reason why is ever since playing Halo when I was in elementary school Ive wanted to be able to have some kind of computer that was either part of a pair of glasses or some kind of eye implant. I want to be able to look things up or have an AI look things up for me or remind me to do something. Thats why when Google announced Glass I was way more excited about that than some watch. But of course we probably wont see anything like that for awhile thanks to technophobic people. Though I would be happy with something like Glass that docent have a camera on it.

Well Apple Watch comes out later this month and it would be foolish to think that it will be a flop. Apple is good with marketing and makes grate devices. They will probably out sell all the Google Ware devices ever made in like the first week of sales. And in this time I might be able to play with a Apple Watch and change my mind about getting one. I know when the iPad came out I felt that way, then I got to use an iPad and I got why it was so good. So I got one eventually. We will see and Im sure I will write about it when I do change my mind.


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