New Everything

Well the announcement happened and yes we are getting a new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. But we also got a few other things like a new Apple TV and iPad Pro. Booth these things I really didn’t think we would ever see.

Apple TV:

After years of waiting we finally get a new Apple TV. The new Apple TV has an app store we finally get an app store, and Siri. The updated hardware also allows for concal gaming. The new remote has touch area, controls for volume, mic, and a button to switch the source on your TV.

The App Store finally comes to the apple TV. We have been waiting for this for years. The apple TV will be able to use apps like your phone or tablet. Though they will have to make some changes to there apps to make them work on the TV but they can be universal just like the App store on your iPhone or Tablet. You buy once and have access on all your iOS devices. Though the new Apple TV docent run full iOS but it runs a version called TV OS.

I do find it interesting that the new Apple TV is like a conceal it has it own games and exclusives just like an Xbox or PS4. Though your probably not going to be playing Halo or Call of Duty on the Apple TV, so they wont have to worry about Apple. Who should worry is nintendo they have had a lock on kid and casual gamers. With the DS and the Wii U Nintendo has been happyish with their market. Apple has been slowly eating the way at Nintendo’s hand held monopoly with the iPhone and iPod Touch and now with the Apple TV being able to play those iOS games on the TV Nintendo might have a problem.

iPad Pro:

Since I got my first iPad which was an iPad 2, Ive wanted a iPad with a bigger screen. But we are getting just blows what I wanted out of the water. The iPad Pro isn’t just a bigger screen though it is 12.9 inches, its a way more powerful iPad that takes advantage of iOS 9. Really when you think about all the stuff that iOS 9 is going to do it should have been obvious that something like the iPad Pro was coming vary soon. The Pro will have some accessories a Smart Keyboard cover which is just like the Microsoft Surface though its an Apple device so maybe it will be better than the surface keyboard. The other accessories that artist might like is the Apple Pencil. Its a styles for the iPad Pro that will allow the iPad to detect force so you can have darker lines or lighter. Depending on what you are a pro in I think will depend on what accessories you get. I guess I should shatter your dreams like they did with me. The iPad Pro will start at $799 for 32 GB and goes up to $1079 for 128 GB and Wifi+cellular. Though remember its as Pro device so these prices do make sense. I was a little disappointed with the storage sizes I would have thought maybe we might see at the high end a 500 GB iPad Pro. But at least they didn’t do a 16 GB modal.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus:

Well hear is what everyone knew we were going to hear. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus which really was what people where expecting. It was a lot of improvements. 3D touch was one of those things, its like the right click of touch. Depending on how long or hard you touch something on the screen different things will happen. One of the things they showed off was touching the camera app gives you a jump list of different options like quickly getting to the selfie camera or taking a video. Speaking of videos they showed off a thing called live photos which is something the camera will do by default. If you touch a photo it will give you a short video of when it was taken. If you have every seen any of the harry potter movies and notice how the pictures and paintings come to life, its almost like that. The other improvement is the camera it has a 12 Mega Pixel camera. Other than that not much has changed. If you are ready for a new iPhone the 6S or 6S Plus will probably be a good upgrade. Now as far as getting the phone Apple is giving you a new option, the iPhone upgrade plan which will allow you to get a new iPhone every year. Apple will let you pay a $32 fee and when they come out with a new iPhone you just return your old one and get the new one. The 3 major carriers in the US will let you do this. Though Sprint has a iPhone for life deal right now which is only $15 a month. Though thats really only good if you are in a area where Sprint works well.

Final thoughts:


I think this is probably one of the most star studded line ups Apple has had in awhile. We got a lot of things that we have been waiting for, for awhile. Out of everything I have seen I want the Apple TV the most. I will probably get the 32 GB model cause who am I kidding I’m probably going to load it up with games.


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