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T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0


At the time I’m writing this T-Mobile has just announced that they will pay up to $350 of your fees for leaving a contract from any of the major US carriers. Starting tomorrow according to a press release once you canceled your plan and have your final bill you can mail it or upload it to T-Mobile. Once you have done that you can trade in your current phone and they will apply that tords a credit to get a new phone. 

For me I was kind of hoping that you could keep your current phone and just move to there network. I just want to get off Verizon pay a little less for my phone bill and keep my 4S. So for me it looks like I’ll have to wait till my contract is up with Verizon. Most likely ill probably just go back to Cricket when the time comes and get a 5S threw them. But if you live in an area that T-mobile works well in and you are unhappy with your current network this seems like a good deal. 

A link to T-Mobiles deal: 




Top 3 CES Picks

Today since CES is going on, I would like to pick out some things that I’ve seen via other blogs that seem interesting and cool.

1. Self driving cars:

CES this year has been a bit of a car show from the looks of it, all the car manufacturers showing off all the new things their cars can do and will be able to do soon. Audi brought with them their self driving car. Though from the article from the verge its self driving functions are a little limited. The A7 from Audi can only drive from were you parked it to pick you up using a smart phone app. But the idea is still cool and that we are so close to seeing real self driving cars. Though don’t get too excited for this car its not coming anytime soon.

I for one want self driving cars to be a thing. Not that Im a bad driver but more so because I don’t trust other drivers on the road. Plus I just hate driving, I normally take the bus any place I want to go mostly because I feel I can be productive with my travel time. I can read a book or the news, finish up a paper for school. So the idea of not having to pay attention to the road is a big plus for me.

2. Edison:

The other day Intel announced a vary small computer its about the size of a SD card, and they call it Edison. This little computer has a dual core CPU, Bluetooth, and WIFI chips on it. Edison even runs a custom Linix OS with its own app store. I just think this is so cool There is so much that could be done with this computer. I it will probably help our electronics to become even smaller and thinner, computerize things we never thought needed a computer chip in them. I hope Edison is utilize.

3. Sonys Cloud:

Today Sony announced Playstation Now and a TV service. What is special about booth of these services is that they  are cloud services. Playstation now is a cloud service that will stream PS3 games to a PS4, PS3, Vita, and bunch of other Sony products. I believe they will even add current generation games to this service as well, for a fee. The TV service seems to be like having a DVR in the cloud with universal search. 

Now the reason why I think this stuff is cool isn’t necessarily cause of the services themselves but because Cloud computing is really starting to become even more of a viable thing for a lot of uses that even a couple of years ago we never would have thought they would make the jump. Playstation Now uses Gaikai which they bought in 2012 to do there streaming of games. On Live also did this as well but I think theses services where just a bit too early.

This is my top 3 list of things I have read about from CES that I think will change the world in the coming years. If I missed anything or just have a comment please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at mikesworldoftech[at]