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Amazon Dash

Update: according to Mashable the dash is not a joke.

Today Amazon announced a new device for Amazon prime members. They call it Amazon dash and its a little device that can be mounted by your most used products so they can be refilled when you start to run low. One of the example they use in the video is laundry detergent. You put the device by the washer and when you run low on Tied then just hit the button and it puts a order in on your Amazon account for Tied.

Now with tomorrow being April 1st this could just be an April fools joke. But if it is it seems real. The only thing that makes me feel like it might be a joke is that it’s only available for Prime members and its free. Now this would not be the first time they have had a device with a special offer for Prime members. The Fire TV had a different price if you were a Prime member or not. Though this would be the first device you can only get if you are a prime member.

I hope it’s real but I’m not sure. If you are a Prime member you can request to get a Amazon Dash at