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Forwarding Student E-mail Part 1

The college e-mail can be forward to your normal e-mail address or if you would like you can also set it up with your iOS device. We will start by forwarding it to your normal e-mail address.


Login to your cayuga e-mail (it is the same as your computer login)


From your inbox click options.


Then go to create new e-mail rule.


Now click the drop down arrow by the new button and click new rule for new mail.


When you are at the new rule page click the drop down arrow and click on all messages.


Then on the second option drop down arrow and click redirect messages to.


It will then take you to your contacts list and at the bottom you should have a box that says “TO:” this is where you put the e-mail address that you want your mail forward to.




Then click ok.


Now click save.


Your student mail from this point out should forward to your normal e-mail address. The next part of this I will show you how to setup your student e-mail on a iOS device.


Skyping Pets

Today I had to leave the house to go help my grandfather get groceries. I’ve been tasked to watch after the family dog this week. She docent like to be alone so I came up with this idea to leave my laptop on and call it to check on her and make sure she wasn’t barking too much. In this post I’ll list what I did to make this work cause its easy and you want to keep an eye on your pets while you are not home.

  • Fist off you need Skype installed on booth devices you are going to use and the one you will be calling should be a Mac or a PC. For me I used my laptop and my iPhone 4S.
  • You will also need 2 Skype accounts one for your one for each device.
  • Next on the device you will be calling go to Tools>Calls then click show advanced options and check mark accept incoming calls automatically and start my video automatically when I’m in a call.

 shot 1

  •  Then you can change any settings you want to change like the cam settings and audio settings. I had to do this cause I used an external web cam and mic, not the one that came with my laptop.
  • Once you have done all this you can sign in on your calling device and add your receiving account to your friends list and call it to test it out. When you call the receiving computer it should pick right up and start video.


This is a good way to just check up on your pets quick when you are out of the house. I’m sure for some ambitious people out there you could get something like a Raspberry Pie and make a dedicated Skype computer to use to check up on your pets. For me I’m using an old laptop to do this kind of thing in the future. I hope someone out there will find this useful.