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The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day for Apple fans. We get to see the new iPhone and maybe afew other things. The first thing being the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Its a S update so there probally wont be too much of a change to the phone. Im sure it will have that one thing that will make you most of us want to get it. Though from all the rummors forse touch might be that thing. To me that really dosent compel me to want to get it. But we will see tomorrow what will be the sell for it. We will also brobally see a iPhone 6C and 6C plus. These will be slitly cheaper verions of the the current 6 and 6 Plus. They may also come in bright colors like the current iPhone 5c.

Rummors of seeing a iPad Pro with a bigger screen. This is something I’m intrested in because Ive wanted a iPad with a bigger screen and with true multitasking coming in iOS 9 I think it makes sence that we would see a this. I have been using the public beta on my iPad Air and being able to do PiP with videos is just sooooo cool.

The last thing people have been talking about is a update to the Apple TV. This rummor has been flooting around for years now and truely I will not beleive it untill they say it. The new Apple TV woud have updated hardware and have access to the app store. They are also saying a new touch screen remote that has access to Siri. Im not really sure about this cause we have seen the headlies before “Apple set to refresh Apple TV” then after the announcement the headline is “Apple pulls new Apple TV from presentation”. We’ve just been burned to many times be this. Though it is a needed.

Though there is another thing I have been thinking about. The invetation for the event is “Hey siri give me a hint” This has been fun to play with on the iPhone but could this be a clue for something. Some have been saying this could be a clue about a new Apple TV that could have Siri. This would but them inline with Roku and Amazon TV since they have voice search having siri would but them little ahead of the compation. But what I really think what we might see is siri coming to the Mac in an update to El Capitan like a 10.11.2 or somehting or they could do it as like an app and put it in perveiw like they did with the App Store when it came out. It would be something to compete with Cortona on Windows 10. Also I just would really like to have it. The closes thing we have to it now is Google Now in chrome but I really would like to have siri.

Well we will see what happens tomorrow.