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Go Home Microsoft Your Drunk

Last week Microsoft announced all the versions of windows. Their are 9 in total! Though I don’t know why they didn’t just make a 10th one just to fill things out. But at last their are 9 versions. In the day in age were other makes of OS’s have one that do everything why in hell dose Microsoft need 9 or really any more than 3 versions. They need one for consumers one for embedded devices and one for mobile.

I can see why they cant have just one OS for everything. But 9 just feels a little silly. Maybe one day they will get it. Okay I know thats not true Microsoft never learns. Thats the end of my little rant.



The other day Microsoft released a new build of windows 10 with Spartan. For people who don’t know Spartan is the new browser from Microsoft that will replace the Internet Explorer browser in windows. Spartan will be the default browser in windows 10 but that dose not mean Internet Explorer will not be in windows 10 at all. You can turn it on in the settings. 

Microsoft had told people that Spartan would be in the last build of windows 10 but it was absent. But it is finally here and if you are part of the windows insider program you can download the update. I think you have to be in the fast track option. I’ll have screen shots of it as soon as I can.