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FaceTime With A Friend

I’ve had a iPod Touch 4th gen for awhile now and I never have used FaceTime. When I first got my iPod I tried to call my friend Carol cause she was the only person I knew with a iPhone that could do FaceTime, but she was never near WIFI so I never got to do it and it just went to the back of my head. Until last night when I was talking to my friend Kimberly and she had a friend over that had a iPod Touch that could do FaceTime, so she called me. Its not like I have done a done a video chat before I have used Skype and even Stickam to do video chat. But when I used FaceTime it felt different then using Skype or Stickam. It felt more personal and more natural than other video chat programs. I hate to say it but it felt almost magical, I know that is more of a Apple term but they were right about that.

I think what is that makes FaceTime so much better then other video chat programs is that it works with mobile. You and the person you are talking to are not tide to your computer or laptop so you can move around and be comfortable like you might if you were really were hanging out with that person. I know that Stickam on iOS lets you stream from the iOS device but the people in the chat cant use there cam to talk back so its just a one way thing. Skype could at some point do this and maybe even bridge the gap so you can video chat with PC users and android users macs and anything else Skype works on.

Last night was a fun night talking to Kimberly on FaceTime and her friend. It just felt nice cause I have been talking to this girl for years we went back and froth on Myspace talking, then we moved on to talking on the phone and we know what each other looks like but just seeing each other move and seeing the facial expressions just meant more. I hope I get to FaceTime with her again soon.


Too Much COD?

Well just as a follow up after my post a from a few nights ago my best friend did come over. Though like I said that was not why I couldn’t sleep cause I didn’t sleep any better that night then I have in weeks. But we did have fun so that’s all that matters. So me and my friends like to play Call of Duty on Xbox live but to tell you the truth I hate Call of Duty. I only have it cause my friends like to play it and I want to be included when they play so I got it. Really I like halo a lot better, mostly cause its just point and shoot. Their isn’t any hiding around you just run and shoot the enemy, simple.

But since I have been done with school I have been playing lots of COD trying to get better so when I play with my friends im not the worst person playing and losing to me isn’t an insult. But I can only be at the bottom so long until you get tired of getting your ass kicked by 12 year olds on Xbox Live. Now I know there is just as many playing Halo Reach, but I can at least finish first sometimes in team slayer or even just normal slayer. Though when I originally got my Xbox I had no plans to play anything other then halo. I got an arcade because I wanted to stream shows to my Xbox form my computer, which is what I still use it for and now I use Netflix as well so I never really turn on my cable box anymore. I got a hard drive for my Xbox when Wal-Mart had 20 GB drives cheap.

I told you that so I could tell you about how it died the other day. Well it died for a little bit. I hooked my Xbox to the HD TV in the living the day before then the next day I brought it back in my room hooked it up and then turn it on. It then asked me if I wanted to update my Xbox so I said yes, then it told me that their was no place to put it. I went to the memory manger and it would no show my HDD. I turned off and on I removed the drive and put it back in and it just wouldn’t see it. Finally I took it out again and blew on the connectors like an old game cartridge and it turned back on the Xbox and it worked and no update. So Am I playing too much COD maybe but my best friend isn’t helping cause she wants to play with me too the next time she comes over which kind of surprised me. But more on that latter I guess if you want to play with me on Xbox Live my gamer tag is samlikecoke90 which I’m thinking of changing soon. See you all on the battle field. Oh and FYI Modern Warfare 3 is coming out at some point and GameStop out on grant Ave got more posters in so if want to pre order it now is the time and I guess you get a free poster.

Sleepless Nights

Another night and I cant sleep, I suppose its cause I don’t do much in my days other then lay around and watch stuff or play games. …. Naa that cant be it so what could it be then. Could it be I haven’t seen my best friend in week? It could be I do miss seeing her but its nothing she could help she needed to find a job. Hmmm a job could that be keeping me up at night? Theirs not much I can do about the job situation I called and the woman I talked to said she was not going to be there this week and she would be scheduling interviews when she comes back next week, so I need to call back then. Could it be school? I finished the semester and well if I passed the two classes I’m worried about it will be a metrical. I don’t think that is it I had no problem sleeping when I was doing horrible in those classes and I knew it from the start, it just was not a good semester.

I really don’t know what is keeping me up at night I wish I could figure it out cause I’m tired of going to bed at 5 AM and then waking up at 1 PM. I wish I could remember  how to wake up at 9 AM or even 8 AM with out having to fight myself to the death. I don’t want to use something like Tylenol PM to make me go to sleep cause I don’t want my body to build an immunity to it. I guess I’ll know what it is that is keeping me up when I can sleep again.

Well in the mean time I took another pic. This time of the bleeding harts growing on the bush outside my house. Its I don’t think they are as good as that one I took downtown but I still like them.


This one right here is my favorite out of the two. I like how the water drops came out. The reason why I don’t really like these is just cause they look blurry. I think that happen cause it was raining when I took it and I used my cell phone camera again. But none the less they came out ok with a little Photoshop magic. Well its almost 2:30 so I guess I should at least try and go to sleep. Wish me luck.

Took A Walk

It was such a nice day here and yeah I spent most of it in side the house. At one point I had to go and do some things around town and get something for dinner at Wegmans. It was fun I used the my tacks app I got for my phone to see how far I walked. I walked about 1.72 Miles today. I took the long way to ware I had to go. I also took a pic wile I was walking downtown.

It just caught my eye today as I was walking downtown. Went to Ride aid after that and walked back downtown to get my dinner at Wegmans a sub which are amazing. When I got home I took the photo and edited it with Photoshop express on my cell and got this.

I liked how it came out I just played with the colors and used a filter to blur out the background of everything so the cars don’t show up as much. So that was my day I will probaly be in bed soon I didn’t sleep well last night I hope I sleep better tonight. I have to do stuff tomorrow like cut my grandparents grass. All my family will be at my grandparents house doing things out side for them. So being sleepy would not be a good idea.

The End is Near (The End of The Semester That is)

In a few weeks my second semester will be over and I cant say I’m all that happy about this. This whole semester I’ve been saying it has not been my semester and I have been right. I started with 4 classes and I ended up with 2 by the mid semester. 2 classes that I was failing and it never got much better. I wish I could blame something other then myself but that’s all I can blame is myself. I should have studied more and all that junk.

So what have I been up to instead of studying? Well its been a mixture of girls, video games, and friends. Well the girl one is mostly Kelly and Kimberly. Kelly being my ex GF of a week I think it was and Kimberly being a weird friendship thing. Video games I’ve been playing a lot of fable 3 and The Sims3. Friends well mostly my friend Kate. I’ve been hanging out with her a lot lately, like almost everyday. I think what its is, is after everything with Kelly I just wanted to be around a friend who else better then Kate since she is my best friend and the only friend I truly worried about losing. She’s also the only person I can think of that I don’t ever get tired of being around.

So really that is all that is going on with me lately. I take my finals in a 2 weeks and then I’m done till fall semester. I will be trying to get some type of tech post up sometime soon I hope and I also have been streaming little bit on look for that on my twitter stream.