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RedTuu… Youtube Red

Youtube has been bugging me and bugging me to do a youtube red trial. One night i just gave in and did it. The short hand of this is Im enjoying it. Now the longer version. I do like youtube red but I have a few issues with it. Maybe they will change these things but I doubt it.

To begin I hate the name YouTube red, I kind of get what they where going for something simple. The problem is there are plenty sick minded people like me who keep wanting to call it Red Tube. When I first saw the name I thought it was a joke or at the very least they might have changed it. Though this issue is a very little one.

My big problem with YouTube Red is its a pay wall in away. What I mean is in order to watch some content you have to pay Youtube. Youtube Red has original content like the new Pewdiepie show that is exclusive to red. So if you are not paying for Red you are not going to see it. This I take as a problem cause it sort of spits in the face of what youtube has stood for. Why should I have to pay to watch something like that? I feel like its also a spit in the face to his subscribers as well.

I would be ok if it was more of a choice, like if you don’t have youtube red you just have to watch some ads and if you do pay for red you get no ads just like normal youtube videos. Some Red shows might do this but I don’t know the agreements and stuff but as it stands now it looks like you pay or you don’t get the see the red shows. This is my biggest problem with red but we will see how this plays out as shows come out.

Now for a little problem. Paying for Youtube Red also means you can have youtube run in the background on mobile. This is the big draw for me, but my problem with it is other apps like Twitch let me play just the audio in the background for free or on iPad they let me do picture in picture and red still docent do this. I just feel like I shouldn’t have to pay $9.99 a month for something other apps do for free and a bit better. On that note I do love being able to listen to videos when Im in the shower threw my bluetooth speaker or out shoveling. I watch longer form shows like WoW Head weakly which is an hour long or more. So being able to start watching it on my Roku and then when I leave the house to be able to open YouTube on my phone to continue it but just the audio is so convenient. But I really don’t feel like I should have to pay monthly for that, if they had it as a in app purchase I would pay a one time fee for it.

I guess my final thing is I just think YouTube Red is over priced. I feel like The prices should be closer to $4.99 a month.  Now as much as I don’t like these things about Youtube Red what I do like is people paying for red is that some of the money goes to the youtubers that you watch. So as much as I feel like some of the things red does is wrong this is one very good thing for they do and I feel like Youtube Red needs to exist and continue to exist. i just think that you shouldn’t have to pay the red tax to get the fullest out of youtube.tumblr_inline_nwy9d0k99G1qm49lz_500