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Facebook Reactions

Today Facebook started rolling out reactions. Reactions are substitute for “Likes”, so instead of liking a post you can love it, wow it, sad, haha, or happy. This is slowly rolling out to everyone. If you have it then all you have todo is hover over the like button with your mouse and the other options should show up.  
If you don’t see it yet, just wait and it will show up at some point. Now Facebook has said they may add more reactions over time and I’m sure they will add some for special times of year or big time sponsors. What would be cool is if they had an API for it so brands can maybe us it to make their own reactions.

I think this is a fun new thing for Facebook and it fixes the problem the “Like” doesn’t work for everything. If a friends grandma dies “Liking” the post doesn’t seem right but sad might be a better option. So if you have this enjoy and if you don’t have it yet just be patient.

Reactions from Facebook on Vimeo.


OSX Now With Photos

For everyone running OSX Yosemite and waiting for the Photos app well its finally here. Back at WWDC last year when Apple was showing off OS 10.10 they showed the new Photos app which would come in a later update that would replace iPhoto.


Photos app is made to look and work just like the photos app on iOS. This will also allow you to use iCloud Photo Library on your Mac. This will upload all your photos to iCloud and allow you to view any photo in your library on any device. Up until now the only way to could do this on a desktop was by going to

Photos also have the same controls for editing your photos which are a lot better than what was in iPhoto. The one tool I noticed that is in the desktop version that isn’t in the mobile version is the heal tool. For those who don’t know the heal tool lets you get rid of any pimples or scares that you might have when you take selfies.


When Photos was announced it left me and I think a lot of other people with a dilemma. I had recently bought Aperture which is more powerful than iPhoto. But Photos is a replacement for booth iPhoto and Aperture and they as of today are no longer getting any future updates. choices were switch to Adobe Light Room or wait for Photos to come out and switch to it. Well Im impatient and so I went to Light Room. Now that Photos is out I regret my decision. Light Room is a grate if you are a pro photographer. But for me I’m not a pro I’m not shooting in RAW with a DSLR I’m shooting with my iPhone. I went to Aperture because there was some editing tools I wanted that iPhoto could not do. Now Photos can do a lot of what I wanted that iPhoto couldn’t. So after paying for a year of Light Room and PhotoShop I will probably be using Photos as my management system.


Well at least PhotoShop was part of that deal and I do use PhotoShop enough that its worth it. But back to Photos you can get it today by going to the Mac App Store and checking for updates you should get an update for OS X 10.10.3 which has Photos and a lot of other changes. Its just Photos is kind of the major thing.

Here are the Patch notes for this update:


TrueCrypt Audit Report

The NCC group came out with there finding of the Truecrypt audit. They didn’t find too much wrong with the code and what they did find wasn’t anything earth shattering that would allow any encrypted files to be compromised. What they did find wrong was a problem with the random number generator and they way it deletes information from RAM. Though sadly none of this will be fixed in Truecrypt since the developers decided to end development on the project. Though thanks to lifehacker I found out a program named VareCrypt which has taking up the development of TrueCrypt and hopefully they will fixed what is wrong. If you want you can read the whole TrueCrypt audit here.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0


At the time I’m writing this T-Mobile has just announced that they will pay up to $350 of your fees for leaving a contract from any of the major US carriers. Starting tomorrow according to a press release once you canceled your plan and have your final bill you can mail it or upload it to T-Mobile. Once you have done that you can trade in your current phone and they will apply that tords a credit to get a new phone. 

For me I was kind of hoping that you could keep your current phone and just move to there network. I just want to get off Verizon pay a little less for my phone bill and keep my 4S. So for me it looks like I’ll have to wait till my contract is up with Verizon. Most likely ill probably just go back to Cricket when the time comes and get a 5S threw them. But if you live in an area that T-mobile works well in and you are unhappy with your current network this seems like a good deal. 

A link to T-Mobiles deal: 



Top 3 CES Picks

Today since CES is going on, I would like to pick out some things that I’ve seen via other blogs that seem interesting and cool.

1. Self driving cars:

CES this year has been a bit of a car show from the looks of it, all the car manufacturers showing off all the new things their cars can do and will be able to do soon. Audi brought with them their self driving car. Though from the article from the verge its self driving functions are a little limited. The A7 from Audi can only drive from were you parked it to pick you up using a smart phone app. But the idea is still cool and that we are so close to seeing real self driving cars. Though don’t get too excited for this car its not coming anytime soon.

I for one want self driving cars to be a thing. Not that Im a bad driver but more so because I don’t trust other drivers on the road. Plus I just hate driving, I normally take the bus any place I want to go mostly because I feel I can be productive with my travel time. I can read a book or the news, finish up a paper for school. So the idea of not having to pay attention to the road is a big plus for me.

2. Edison:

The other day Intel announced a vary small computer its about the size of a SD card, and they call it Edison. This little computer has a dual core CPU, Bluetooth, and WIFI chips on it. Edison even runs a custom Linix OS with its own app store. I just think this is so cool There is so much that could be done with this computer. I it will probably help our electronics to become even smaller and thinner, computerize things we never thought needed a computer chip in them. I hope Edison is utilize.

3. Sonys Cloud:

Today Sony announced Playstation Now and a TV service. What is special about booth of these services is that they  are cloud services. Playstation now is a cloud service that will stream PS3 games to a PS4, PS3, Vita, and bunch of other Sony products. I believe they will even add current generation games to this service as well, for a fee. The TV service seems to be like having a DVR in the cloud with universal search. 

Now the reason why I think this stuff is cool isn’t necessarily cause of the services themselves but because Cloud computing is really starting to become even more of a viable thing for a lot of uses that even a couple of years ago we never would have thought they would make the jump. Playstation Now uses Gaikai which they bought in 2012 to do there streaming of games. On Live also did this as well but I think theses services where just a bit too early.

This is my top 3 list of things I have read about from CES that I think will change the world in the coming years. If I missed anything or just have a comment please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at mikesworldoftech[at]

Droid Razor

Today Motorola Mobility announced a new phone the Droid Razor. Yes they brought back probably one of their most popular brand of phones. Though I got to say when I look at the phone it dose not really scream Razor. Its more like a Droid that is a little bit thinner then their other phones. Im surprised they didn’t call it the sliver since this is not a flip phone. Though I can’t say much since I have only seen photos of it from the press release they sent me.

If you look at the image its thin but I just don’t feel like it should be called the Razor. It will be out in early November for $299.99. It seems to have all the specs that any Android phone should have at this point.

Powered by Android™ 2.3.5, Gingerbread
1GB RAM for a fast user interface and multi-tasking
8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p HD video capture and image stabilization DROID_RAZR_Dyn_L_vert_Eye_VZWtechnology for crisp and clear videos
Front-facing HD camera for video chat over 4G LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi
4G LTE Mobile Hotspot capable so customers can share 4G LTE speed with up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices
Water repellent nanocoating protects the phone, and even the inside components, against everyday spills
Remote wipe, pin lock and government-grade encryption for email, calendar and contacts as well as voice and video chat conferencing
Use Quickoffice® to view, create and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your mobile device from anywhere at anytime
Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
32 GB memory: 16 GB on board and 16 GB microSD™ card pre-installed (actual formatted capacity is less)
Powerful 1780 mAh battery

Im a little shocked that is will not be an Ice Cream Sandwich phone (Android 4.0) since they announced it today. I have e-mailed motorola but I have not herd back as of this time October 18, 2011 11:49 PM.

Some of the things that comes with this phone such as the Quickoffice and remote remote wipe make me think they want to appeal to businesses to make this a work phone as well as a toy.

I would kind of like to see this phone up close and hold it and see how it feels. When it comes out I might have to go over to the Verizon Store and take a look at it. But it is nice to know that the Razor brand is not dead.


Cricket 3G outage

UPDATE: As of 2:12 AM data service is back.

Its seems that a little after 1AM EST that cricket wirelesses 3G has gone down. This how ever is the second time in a few days this has happen. I recently sent an e-mail asking cricket what is going on with there service and what they plain to do to stop these outages. I use cricket personally for my phone and have enjoyed their service, I just hope that these outages don’t become regular. When or if I get a reply back from cricket I will update you on this matter.

Google Mobile Update

The other day Google updated Search I want just want to touch on the mobile update. As soon as you go to Google on your phone you will see the changes:

When you touch them they will do a search for restaurants, coffee places, bars, and other things around you. When you do one of these searches it will use your GPS in your phone or a location that you have put in. It will look much like this:


As you can see a map of the area comes up and as you scroll down the map does not go away, it stays at the top of the screen and when you go by a place that has a street view image or any image it will put that in the corner of the map so you can see what place is like. They also put a directions button that you can use and it will open up Maps on your phone and give you the directions to the place you want to go.

I like the update to the mobile site. I think for people who travel a lot the new places search will help people find the quick searches useful to find a bite to eat or to find something fun to do in a new city. They have many other searches that you can do quickly.  Here they are:

WWDC Announcement: iOS 5

The other day was the start of WWDC and with that was the opening keynote.  Steve Jobs was there talking about three things OS X Loin (10.7), iOS 5, and iCloud. I’m not going to really talk much about Loin only because I don’t own a Mac but what I did see the next version looks cool. You can read up about the next version of OS X at

iOS 5:


iOS 5 looks to me like it will be a must have upgrade. Some of the new things in this update are wireless sync, iMessages, Android like notifications, and updates to the camera app and the photo app. I think the number one thing I saw from iOS 5 that I want now is the wireless sync so this means you no longer have to plug your iOS device into your computer to add things to your device. This also means when you buy a new iOS device you will no longer have to connect it to your computer to sync for the first so for people who want to use an iPad for their only computer they can now. Don’t worry about updates because in iOS 5 updates will be over the air.



iMessage is an iOS version of Black Barry Messenger (or as one of my friends call it Crack Barry Messenger), iMessanger will allow you to text or MMS people on other iOS devices over WIFI. So if you want to send someone a pic that you took on your iPhone to say an iPad you can just send a pic message to that person’s iPad. iMessage was a surprise to me a BBM style system I would never have imaged that or felt the need to have it, but when they showed it I saw some use for it.

New Notifications:


The last but not least what I think a lot of people have been waiting for a new and improved notification system. This was a much needed change in iOS the notifications as they are now are just annoying. Not to say they are not use full cause I switched from doing Facebook chat form the app to doing it in the windows live messenger app just so I could get notifications. But I have android phone so im use to this:

The screen shot is kind of bad but you get the idea the new notification system on iOS looks a lot like this. They even improved the way notifications look on the lock screen so it shows everything that went on wile the device was locked. Like I said before this was a must needed change almost as important as wireless sync.



If you want to know more about the update or see the keynote you see it all on


Change Your Facebook Password

I’m watching Security Now Episode 300 Which came out this week and one of the story’s they talked about seemed kind of disturbing. The story was Facebook Applications Accidentally Leaking Access to Third Parties. To get to the point there is a good chance that your Facebook apps might be leaking the permission that you give it. For example if you have an app that asks to post something on your wall well that app could let others wright on your wall too, completely on accident.

Symantec says that the problem has been in the API for Facebook apps since 2007. They are recommending that all Facebook users change their password. Changing your password will reset the apps so they will need to ask for permission again to do things. Facebook did fix the problem as to why changing the password fixes this problem.

Also I wanted add you might want to also go change your passwords to other things like your e-mail, other social networks you are a part of, and even your online banking password. These passwords are not compromised but if you are going to change one why not change them all. You might want to get something like Keepass or Lastpass which are good ways to have good passwords and not need to remember really long and hard ones. So go download Lastpass or Keepass so you can have nice strong passwords. I just thought I would pass this little bit of information along.