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Go Home Microsoft Your Drunk

Last week Microsoft announced all the versions of windows. Their are 9 in total! Though I don’t know why they didn’t just make a 10th one just to fill things out. But at last their are 9 versions. In the day in age were other makes of OS’s have one that do everything why in hell dose Microsoft need 9 or really any more than 3 versions. They need one for consumers one for embedded devices and one for mobile.

I can see why they cant have just one OS for everything. But 9 just feels a little silly. Maybe one day they will get it. Okay I know thats not true Microsoft never learns. Thats the end of my little rant.


OSX Now With Photos

For everyone running OSX Yosemite and waiting for the Photos app well its finally here. Back at WWDC last year when Apple was showing off OS 10.10 they showed the new Photos app which would come in a later update that would replace iPhoto.


Photos app is made to look and work just like the photos app on iOS. This will also allow you to use iCloud Photo Library on your Mac. This will upload all your photos to iCloud and allow you to view any photo in your library on any device. Up until now the only way to could do this on a desktop was by going to

Photos also have the same controls for editing your photos which are a lot better than what was in iPhoto. The one tool I noticed that is in the desktop version that isn’t in the mobile version is the heal tool. For those who don’t know the heal tool lets you get rid of any pimples or scares that you might have when you take selfies.


When Photos was announced it left me and I think a lot of other people with a dilemma. I had recently bought Aperture which is more powerful than iPhoto. But Photos is a replacement for booth iPhoto and Aperture and they as of today are no longer getting any future updates. choices were switch to Adobe Light Room or wait for Photos to come out and switch to it. Well Im impatient and so I went to Light Room. Now that Photos is out I regret my decision. Light Room is a grate if you are a pro photographer. But for me I’m not a pro I’m not shooting in RAW with a DSLR I’m shooting with my iPhone. I went to Aperture because there was some editing tools I wanted that iPhoto could not do. Now Photos can do a lot of what I wanted that iPhoto couldn’t. So after paying for a year of Light Room and PhotoShop I will probably be using Photos as my management system.


Well at least PhotoShop was part of that deal and I do use PhotoShop enough that its worth it. But back to Photos you can get it today by going to the Mac App Store and checking for updates you should get an update for OS X 10.10.3 which has Photos and a lot of other changes. Its just Photos is kind of the major thing.

Here are the Patch notes for this update:


TrueCrypt Audit Report

The NCC group came out with there finding of the Truecrypt audit. They didn’t find too much wrong with the code and what they did find wasn’t anything earth shattering that would allow any encrypted files to be compromised. What they did find wrong was a problem with the random number generator and they way it deletes information from RAM. Though sadly none of this will be fixed in Truecrypt since the developers decided to end development on the project. Though thanks to lifehacker I found out a program named VareCrypt which has taking up the development of TrueCrypt and hopefully they will fixed what is wrong. If you want you can read the whole TrueCrypt audit here.