TrueCrypt Audit Report

The NCC group came out with there finding of the Truecrypt audit. They didn’t find too much wrong with the code and what they did find wasn’t anything earth shattering that would allow any encrypted files to be compromised. What they did find wrong was a problem with the random number generator and they way it deletes information from RAM. Though sadly none of this will be fixed in Truecrypt since the developers decided to end development on the project. Though thanks to lifehacker I found out a program named VareCrypt which has taking up the development of TrueCrypt and hopefully they will fixed what is wrong. If you want you can read the whole TrueCrypt audit here.



The other day Microsoft released a new build of windows 10 with Spartan. For people who don’t know Spartan is the new browser from Microsoft that will replace the Internet Explorer browser in windows. Spartan will be the default browser in windows 10 but that dose not mean Internet Explorer will not be in windows 10 at all. You can turn it on in the settings. 

Microsoft had told people that Spartan would be in the last build of windows 10 but it was absent. But it is finally here and if you are part of the windows insider program you can download the update. I think you have to be in the fast track option. I’ll have screen shots of it as soon as I can. 

Amazon Dash

Update: according to Mashable the dash is not a joke.

Today Amazon announced a new device for Amazon prime members. They call it Amazon dash and its a little device that can be mounted by your most used products so they can be refilled when you start to run low. One of the example they use in the video is laundry detergent. You put the device by the washer and when you run low on Tied then just hit the button and it puts a order in on your Amazon account for Tied.

Now with tomorrow being April 1st this could just be an April fools joke. But if it is it seems real. The only thing that makes me feel like it might be a joke is that it’s only available for Prime members and its free. Now this would not be the first time they have had a device with a special offer for Prime members. The Fire TV had a different price if you were a Prime member or not. Though this would be the first device you can only get if you are a prime member.

I hope it’s real but I’m not sure. If you are a Prime member you can request to get a Amazon Dash at

Roku Remote for Windows 8.1

Here is something I don’t talk much about, an app for Windows 8.1. I checked out the Roku Remote app for Windows. I use my Roku everyday and Im on Windows at least twice a week so I thought I should check it out.

I should mention that this app is made for touch screen devices and if you don’t have one you will get a warning before downloading. But the computer I tried it on didn’t have a touch screen and it worked just fine with my mouse. If the app docent work for you then that could be why. 

The app is pretty simple. When you open it, it will search your network to find Roku boxes on your network. Once it has you will see all your channels on the screen.   You just have to select 

Screenshot (4)

an app and your Roku will go right to that channel. It will also pop out a remote that looks just like the one on the Android and iOS apps, to let you navigate the channel UI. 

Screenshot (6)

If you lose the remote screen just right click and click remote to get it back at anytime.

Screenshot (5)

The app seems a little lacking compared to the iOS and Android app. These apps allow you to browse the channel store and to add new channels to your box. The other thing is the mobile apps allow you to stream content from your device to your Roku. The Windows app dosent do this at all. I feel like this is a opportunity missed. But these are things they could add over time. 

For now it dose what the title says it is a Roku Remote and it does a good job. It will have a eternal spot on my start screen. You can get this in the Windows App Store.

Screenshot (8)

Facebook Paper 1.2

Facebook pushed out a new update to its Paper app today version 1.2. I won’t lie I haven’t used this app in awhile. I liked it when it came out cause it looked and worked a lot better than the normal Facebook app. But over time I just slowly started going back to the normal Facebook app cause I could do more in it. My biggest problem when it came out was you couldn’t use your lists as sections in Paper. You still can’t do that in this version but I’m still taking a look at what you can do now.

One of the first things I noticed was a new section called trending which shows you all the things that are trending on Facebook. It’s nice to see that they are at least adding new sections to the app, but I would really like them to let you create your own sections or pull in your lists from Facebook. If you can’t tell I’m a very heavy user of lists.

Photo Jun 16, 3 42 36 PM

I always like to look at the settings of apps after a major update, and I noticed a switch that lets you make Paper your default Facebook app for notifications. So when you get a notification that someone has liked your status on Facebook it will open in Paper. This is a nice thing to turn on if you want to use Paper as your Facebook app but would like to keep the normal one for back up.

Photo Jun 16, 3 43 31 PM

I also noticed that when I pulled down the section I was in to show the main menu there was a hamburger icon so touched it to see a list of my Liked pages and groups I have joined. I didn’t see anyway to pin them to make it a section but it gives the pages a nice look to browse your liked pages and groups. It lets you easily move threw the years of the Page right to its founding.

Photo Jun 16, 3 43 56 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 09 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 16 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 22 PMPhoto Jun 16, 3 45 27 PM

I’m going to try and use Paper as my Facebook app on my phone. They seem to have made enough changes to make it more useable. If you want to give Paper a try for yourself you can download it to your iPhone here: . It is a iPhone only app but it will work on iPad.  

Amazon Music a Quick Look

Well it seems the New York Times was right the other day when they said that Amazon was close to launching a music streaming service and today they did just that. So like I said the other day I would take a look at the service and I did.

Like the New York Times article said the service docent have a lot of music but I was able to find stuff I like right away. Just like Spotify they have a playlist section and you can make your own as well. You can even download songs that are marked prime to your devices so you can listen when you are offline. I took some screen shots of the iPhone app if you have the Amazon music app and have prime all you have to do is upgrade the app and if you don’t have the app already just get it here .














Amazon Music Service

Amazon might be close to launching a music streaming service according to the New York Times. According to them it could lunch as soon as this week but with a limited number of songs. It would be part of your Amazon Prime membership.

Now for me I don’t think this will replace Spotify for me, but I can see how maybe one day it just might. Going by the NYT article they don’t have a lot of deals with the labs but I’m sure over time they will get the deals they want and then services like Spotify will be in trouble. 

Right now Spotify has the advantage of a free tire even though you can not play song individually. This free tire will probably keep Spotify around even if Amazons streaming service gets the deals they need to have as many songs as Spotify or their competitors. Spotify can run you $9.99 a month for premium though after a year you are paying about $119.88 for premium while Amazon Prime cost $99 a Year. Though keep in mind if the new York Times article is right you wont have the selection like you do with a service like Spotify.

We will see if this happens when the service dose launch. I will take a look at it when it comes out. 

 Photo Jun 11, 6 16 35 PM

E3 Day 1: Nintendo Direct

Today is the official start of E3. Nintendo started the day off with a Nintendo direct video showing off the new games coming to there Wii U and 3DS systems. They showed off a lot of what they showed off last year like super smash brothers and Hyrule Warrior.

Nintendo showed off some other things as well like a new Pokemon game Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Splatoon and Mario maker. To me the most interesting thing was the Mario Maker which is a level editor for the original Support Mario Brothers where you can make any level you want and place mobs and tubes where you want them walls whatever your hart desires.

Splatoon is a Wii U game where you can switch between a human and a squid that can swim threw its own ink. It’s really weird game that I think the video dose it more justice than I can. What I will say is just like many other games Nintendo makes this is very much a kids game.

They also talked a little more about supper Smash Brothers. They are going to let you be part of the action by letting you use your Mii to battle and your Mii will be just as divers as any other character in the game. Mii’s will have 3 different types and their own move sets. They showed this off on the Wii U version and I hope that you can use Mii’s in the 3DS version as well.

While on the subject of Supper Smash Brothers they showed off a new object to use with your Wii U called amiibo. They are figures with a chip inside them that you can use as an advanced AI. They showed an example of how to use them in Smash Brothers where they had 2 character so fighting it out and the one of them placed a Mario amiibo on his controller and Mario showed up in the game and kicked but. In Smash Brothers amiibo can level up and have different move sets for other amiibos. They will be launching with the Wii U version of the game and they will be coming out with a 3DS adaptor so you can use them in the Hand held version. These toys will also work with other compatible games such as Mario Cart 8.

They announced a lot of other games but I thought these were the most interesting. Also the games I mention will be out this year but the Splatoon. All the other games where sometime next year. So if you have a Wii U you will have something to play soon.


Today kicked off the unofficial start of E3 Microsoft,EA, and bunch of others have media briefings today’s. Day 0 of E3 is normally a day of press events and hyping what is to come in the next couple of days at E3. Tomorrow we will hear more about what these company’s have shown off, but today is not with out any news. Microsoft started the day. 

As you might think the most notable thing from Microsoft was the announcement of Halo 5. They didn’t give much information about it other than a quick cinematic and little information about the plot. It seems the Chief is still morning the lost of Cortana and what his place is in the future and the past of the halo universe. It will be out sometime next year for Xbox one.

Now on the subject of Master Chiefs past they announced Halo: Master Chief Edition. This is a collection of all the current Halo games (1-4) and every multiplayer map ever released for Halo. They said they game Halo 2 content the anniversary treatment. It will have the updated graphics and music much like the Halo combat evolved. You will be able to switch between the original and the new if you choose. You will be able to pick this up this holiday season for $59.99.


The other game that caught my eye at the Xbox event was Fable Legends. They didn’t say too much about this one either but what they showed was interesting. You will be teamed up with 4 characters, they seem to emissive on the questing and less on a main story line which they didn’t talk about. They did say in this Fable game you can play as the villain and place mobs in the world to try and stop the heroes. They didn’t give a release date for Fable Legends but they did say you could sign up for the multiplayer beta which will come out this fall.

Now on to everyone’s favorite publisher EA. I will go ever it quick. My excitement is over the Sims 4 which comes out September 2nd 2014. They showed a little video about it which you can see here:


The other worthwhile game they talked about was Battlefield Hardline which went into closed beta today. For a limited time if you Pre order the game you will be able to play the beta on PC or PS4.


Sony has had there conference and they announced a lot of new stuff. Like Little Big Planet 3 which will be out this November, Uncharted 4 and a white PS4. They will be adding new free to play games to the PSN Store and even bring Youtube to the platform.

Nintendo will have there digital event tomorrow. Last year Nintendo had a mini E3 at Best Buys where you could play so,e of the games I person. If they do this again and the best buy near me is one that dose this I will be heading over to get a hands on. 

WWDC Part 2

Today we talk about iOS 8 and all the changes going on with this version of the mobile operating system. Yesterday I talked about OS 10.10 and the changes there, you can read that here. Lets get right to it.


iOS 8:

On the surface iOS 8 docent look all that different from iOS 7, but when you dive into it iOS 8 is really a big update. Last time we got a pretty update and this time we are getting features.  One of the first things you might notice is a change with the keyboard. The key board is getting predictive text. So as you type a message at the top of the keyboard it will try and guess what you are typing and you can just touch the correct word or words that you are trying to type. Another big change to the keyboard is Apple is going to allow 3rd party keyboards like swipe keyboard. 


Leading up to WWDC we herd a lot about something called Health Book which was going to be this all in one way to get all the info from your health apps into one app that you can look at. Well We didn’t get Health Book, but we got Health and Health Kit. Health kit is basically the hooks that apps and devices can use to interface with Health. For example Fitbit could use Health Kit to put the information about how much you walked or how well you slept last night in to the Health app. Health is good for people who are vary into the wearable health device scene.


Photos will be getting a few new editing features. Right now in iOS 7 you have a few editing things you can do like, cropping, auto enhances, red eye removal, and filters. But in iOS 8 you will have these and more. You will be able to adjust the lighting in the photos the color, exposer highlights, and shadow. They will also be adding time laps video creation to the photos app/video camera app.


Messages is getting some much needed changes. When you are in a group text chat you can now easily silence if it is always going off or you can easily leave the conversation. You will be able to quickly see any photos that were shared in a conversation. You will be able to send a audio or video in messages by holding down the mic icon or the camera icon and just simply swipe up to send. You can even share your location with the people you are texting so you can see where they are and they can see where you are. Just like Where my friends you can set limits and even stop sharing your location when ever you want.


A new thing coming to iOS as well as OS X is iCloud Drive. I talked about this the other day when I was talking about OS X. It is suppose to be a dropbox or Google Drive replacement. So you can host any files you want right in iCloud and have access to them on any device.


Lets move on to Family Sharing. Family Share is away to share things with your family, like your music, movies, iBooks, location, Apps, calendars, videos, and photos. These are all things you can share you can also do find my iPhone on family member devices you can also have a family shared iCloud album. There is also a bit of prenatal control that goes along with this so if you have family share setup and your kid try’s to buy a app or in app purchase the parent will get a prompt asking if it is ok for the kid to make that purchase.


Spotlight the universal search in iOS is getting a bit of an upgrade. It will be able to search not just your phone but the iTunes and App Store as well. So if you want to look for an app that you don’t have you can just swipe down and type in the app you are looking for and without having to open the App Store spotlight will find it. It can also search the internet to look for news or movie times and just about anything you can think of.


The last thing I want to talk about is some of the minor changes in the UI in iOS 8. In iOS 7 Apple gave us the ability to swipe up to dismiss a notification when they pop up and you are in another app. In iOS 8 you can do more than just swipe it away you can interact with it now. Say you care reading something in the Kindle app and you get a iMessage from a friend you can pull the notification down and reply back with out having to leave the Kindle app. Another change to the UI is when you double tap to bring up the app switcher you will see at the top the people you contact the most and people you have marked as favorites and have a quick way to call or text them. The last thing is mobile Safari we will be getting better tab view and a new way to view favorites and view later articles.


iOS 8 will be arable this fall and if you are a developer you can get it today.This is just what they announced for consumers they announced so much more for developer even a new coding language called Swift and lots of new API’s and kits.