Good Bye Bill

Well I’m sure everyone knows now that Bill gates last day at Microsoft was Friday. Some people are saying this is a bad thing but I think that this is really good thing. I think this just means that we will so more things that we would have never had seen with bill there.

Though he is retired he will still be there. He is still part of the board of directors I believe so its not like he completely gone, he will still have a say in things with the company. He just wont have the say that he once had in making the software. He was head software Developer or something like that I believe was his title there.

Well I think this is a start of a new beginning for Microsoft. They been kind of taking a little bit of a slump in the last few years but I think this is there chance to change all that around. They have new and initiative things coming out like Live Mesh witch I think will change the way people think about and interact with computers. So cheers to Microsoft to a new beginning.




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